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Administrative and Financial Manager

Since 2016, the Government of Benin has undertaken ambitious reforms and major modernization work with the aim of improving Cotonou International Airport's level of compliance and service in relation to the International Civil Aviation Organization's standards and recommended practices.

These reforms led, among other things, to the creation on September 12, 2018 of Société des Aéroports du Bénin (SAB SA) with a vision of optimized management of airport facilities including Cotonou international airport, Tourou airport and the Savè, Parakou, Kandi and Natitingou airfields.

Société des Aéroports du Bénin is a single-person limited company with a Board of Directors, headed by a Chairman of the Board and a Managing Director. It is governed by the OHADA Uniform Acts on commercial companies and economic interest groups, and its bylaws.

Its main purpose is the construction, development, operation and expansion of airport facilities and the management of national aeronautical activities.

The implementation of these reforms has also led to the recruitment of an international operator to manage security at Cotonou international airport.

As part of the infrastructure development program, a vast renovation and modernization program has been launched at Cotonou International Airport, with the overall aim of improving capacity and service quality across all operating segments, to support the development of Benin's tourism sector.

To ensure efficient strategic and operational management, the Government of Benin has signed a management assistance contract for Cotonou International Airport, which expires on January 02, 2023.

At this stage in the development of Société des Aéroports du Bénin (SAB SA), the government plans to strengthen human resources and governance, to ensure that the company has the proven skills and modern environment required to manage and develop the country's airport infrastructure and aviation activities. In this context, Société des Aéroports du Bénin is considering the recruitment of a General Managera Airport Operations Managera Technical Manager and a Chief Financial Officer.

Application requirements

This recruitment notice is available on the Cotonou International Airport website: on the Government of Benin website and on the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport website

For further information, please write to the following e-mail address:

Required documents :

  • a letter of motivation addressed to the Chairman of the SAB Board of Directors;
  • A detailed curriculum vitae including three (03) references;
  • copies of diplomas or certificates;
  • Proof of professional experience;
  • an indication of the availability time.

Submission of application :

Interested candidates with the required skills are invited to submit their applications online at the following address

The closing date for applications is Thursday, December 08, 2022 at 6:00 pm (GMT + 1). Applications received after this date or at an address other than that mentioned above will be declared inadmissible. SAB SA reserves the right to take no further action on this notice. No applications will be returned. Only successful candidates will be notified of the outcome of their application.

Selection of candidates:

Selection will take place in two (2) stages:

  • pre-selection on the basis of applications;
  • selection following an interview with shortlisted candidates.

Conditions of employment :

  • the place of work is the headquarters of Société des Aéroports du Bénin (SAB SA) in Cotonou;
  • the duration of the contract is three (03) years, renewable on the basis of the employee's performance;
  • a trial period will be observed in accordance with current legislation.

Line manager

Le Directeur (trice) Administratif (ve) et Financier (ière) est placé sous l’autorité du Directeur Général de la Société des Aéroports du Bénin (SAB).

  • coordinate the administration, accounting, finance and management control teams;
  • set up the necessary procedures and performance indicators and ensure that they are adhered to;
  • oversee the consolidation of financial data and budget preparation, and guarantee the reliability of the company's accounts;
  • draw up financing plans for the company and monitor the cash position;
  • help ensure good governance of the company's affairs;
  • veiller au respect de la législation, notamment en matière sociale, fiscale, comptable.
Main activities

Administrative and Financial Manager :

  • prepares and implements the company's general and cost accounting;
  • coordinates the drafting of the company's operating, capital expenditure and cash flow budgets in conjunction with the other departments, and monitors their proper execution;
  • manages administrative activities, personnel and operating materials;
  • draws up and implements the company's administrative, accounting and financial procedures, and periodically updates them;
  • analyzes the financial situation (balance sheet, analysis, management charts, activity indicators and reporting);
  • assesses cash flow requirements;
  • évalue les flux de trésorerie et informe les responsables concernés sur les ressources financières disponibles et prévisionnelles ;
  • prepare accounting and financial statements, in particular interim/final balance sheets;
  • ensures that the accounts are closed within the legal deadlines;
  • prepares Board meetings in conjunction with other departments;
  • manages rental contracts, insurance and all other external services;
  • Follows up the payment of work invoices in conjunction with the Works Department;
  • monitors the implementation of legislative and regulatory texts governing the company's operations;
  • ensures compliance with expenditure execution procedures;
  • ensures the implementation of human resources management tools;
  • monitors compliance with the company's financial obligations;
  • perform any other duties assigned by the General Manager.
Training and experience
  • have completed a 5-year degree in administration, financial management, accounting or auditing, such as the Diplôme Supérieur de Comptabilité et de Gestion (DSCG), a Master's degree in Accounting, Control and Audit (CCA) or a university degree in management sciences, with a major in accounting, auditing, taxation, etc. ;
  • Proven professional experience as a Finance and Accounting or Audit Manager in a public or private company for at least ten (10) years;
  • have a good command of computer tools such as e-mail, word processing, spreadsheets, the Internet and be familiar with computer and project management systems.
Skills required
  • conceptual and analytical skills for data and indicators related to financial, accounting and human resources management ;
  • ability to lead and supervise several accounting and finance teams, as well as information and/or negotiation meetings with stakeholders;
  • strong oral and written communication skills ability to conceptualize ;
  • good knowledge of activity and results management tools ;
  • planning and budgeting ;
  • legal, tax and social knowledge.
Personal qualities
  • sense of organization and responsibility;
  • ethics and value ;
  • ability to work in a team ;
  • ability to communicate reliable information and ideas ;
  • emotional intelligence and ability to manage professional relationships;
  • treats all people fairly and without favoritism;
  • know how to work under pressure with a positive and constructive attitude and be able to react quickly;
  • ability to manage complexities, contradictions and changes with an open mind.
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To apply, send your application by e-mail to
no later than Thursday, December 08, 2022 at 6:00 pm (GMT + 1)


Date posted
November 5, 2022
Valid through
December 8, 2022
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